• Jessica Kunamalla


My mom and sister did a phenomenal job planning my bridal shower in Wheaton, IL at the Arrowhead Golf Club. It was an all-white affair, which I thought was so chic in the summertime. Arrowhead Golf Club was the perfect spot, cozy enough to feel like I spent time with everyone, yet still large and spacious.

There was a mimosa bar to begin with. After everyone arrived and was greeted, there were tables set up of pictures and little things to participate in. For example, there was a date night jar and a poster with different destinations we've visited for people to guess. After everyone was seated, we played about 3 or 4 different games, which was the perfect amount to keep everyone entertained. There was a short time where the Bible was read and we prayed for the food, then lunch was served buffet style. After that everyone was free to mingle and snap a few pics. 

My mom and sister really put together an elegant bridal shower for all my friends and family to enjoy. It will definitely be one of those events where we made some amazing memories celebrating our love. 

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