• Jessica Kunamalla


Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Marrakech, Morocco

I always told myself that if I rode a camel, I would do in a cool dessert, like Egypt. Little did I know this unplanned adventure awaited us in Morocco! We didn't know a camel ride was included in our hot air balloon experience with Marrakech by Air. It was definitely a ride and left us with a ton of laughs.

First you just sit on a camel, while they're all strapped to each other. Then they stand up. That's when you've got to make sure to hold on! They are MUCH taller than I expected. Once we were up, we were good to go, checking out the sights, and chugging along until... I noticed the camel behind me getting friendly with my leg. He was sniffing it out and seeing what I was all about. Might have licked me? No big deal - I screamed but scooted up more so he couldn't reach me. Continuing to chug along...then he BIT MY BUM! I was totally shocked and definitely freaked out! It didn't hurt, but he definitely grabbed a chunk. The two German travelers behind me were hysterically laughing at all the antics at this point. I was more entertained than scared, but I definitely did not want it to happen again!

Side Note: This was during our 'babymoon' so riding a camel wasn't exactly on my list of safe activities to do. However, I asked the people running it if it was alright and they gave me the thumbs up. In addition to knowing it was a short ride on flat ground, I felt comfortable.

The guides were nice enough to snag everyone's phones and take a few pics, which we appreciated.

Once we got off, we wanted to take a few pics. One camel was not a happy camper - literally foaming at the mouth. The other one was playing games with us and getting a little too close for comfort.

Overall, a really fun experience, and I would still recommend this part of the excursion - just protect your bum!

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