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Our trip to the Canary Islands was our first stop on our "babymoon" trip! While we might not have been able to do any crazy excursions, we still were able to explore the island in the three short days we were there. Below is our recap of the trip!


STAY: Salobre Hotel Resort & Serenity

Most hotels are right on the beach, which is amazing, but the Salobre Hotel was situated up in the mountains that made our stay both scenic and serene. It's totally quiet up there, as opposed to the beach front, yet still has enough amenities that you never really feel too crowded (AKA 7 different pools). Catch the sunset up on the rooftop or from your balcony. Honestly there is not one view to complain about. Absolutely beautiful, and not to mention very attention and informative staff that helped us plan our day trips. And can't forget about free parking!

ACTIVITIES: Maspalomas Beach and Dunes, Roque Nublo Hike, Be Aloe Wellness Spa 

Our first day of arriving, we kicked it at our hotel for the night after a long day of traveling. It wasn't until day two that we were able to recharge enough to explore. We took the hotel shuttle to the Maspalomas beach, which is right next to the dunes. After a good amount of time soaking in the sun and relaxing, we hit the dunes. We ended up getting lunch on the beach front and heading back to our hotel for a nice massage at the Be Aloe Wellness spa at our hotel. They have a whole rotation of water therapies, saunas, steam rooms, pool rotations, and oxygen rooms, which we most definitely made use of. For dinner we went to the boardwalk area and had the most amazing paella. Our last day, we spent exploring other parts of Gran Canaria, starting with the hike up to Roque Nublo. After that we drove up to Teror for lunch and exploring the "old town" area a bit. It was such a relaxing, yet active way to ease our way into the trip.

Canary Islands were a great beach spot that (1) wasn't your typical destination and (2) didn't have zika. With more of a desert vibe than tropical, it wasn't extremely hot during January when we visited, but we'll take anything compared to the Chicago winters! We love easing our way into a trip by starting off with a relaxing destination, and Gran Canaria was the perfect spot!

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