• Jessica Kunamalla


Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Most nights, I throw on a pair of my husband's old boxers and a giant t-shirt before bed. But there are those nights where I actually want to feel a little cute going to bed, and I think it's actually really important.  I've heard of studies that say if you dress to impress, you feel better about yourself. I'm not sure about where you are in your pregnancy, but being in my third trimester, I could definitely use a little ego boost some nights. 

This pajama set from Pink Blush is so cute and feminine with frilled details, yet still so comfortable. It has the room to fit your growing belly. The best part is that Pink Blush has adorable maternity clothes to style your bump, and they're outfits that you'll honestly wear postpartum too!  Throwing on this pajama set makes me feel amazing and definitely catches my husbands eyes! Check out all of Pink Blush's sleep and intimate clothing to find something that fits your taste. PJs - Pink Blush

Please note: This is a sponsored post. 

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