• Jessica Kunamalla


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

While in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, we were able to encounter some elephants with Mukuni Big 5.

Before meeting the gentle creatures, we watched an informative video on the poaching of husks and learned about the conservation efforts. After that, the elephants were brought around for us to touch and greet. Their skin was a lot more rough than I was expecting and not smooth at all! It almost felt like petting a rock lol.

Soon after, we were able to mount the elephants and go for a ride. There was obviously a typical trail, but they let the elephants roam around to their pleasure for the most part. Ours even stopped to grab a branch to munch on! On the ride, you're able to see other wild animals roaming around, as well!

Following the ride was feeding time! This part was probably the most fun. Who knew there were so many ways elephants can eat! We could place the food pellets in their trunk, hold the pellets in our hands for the elephants to vacuum up, or throw the pellets directly into the elephant's mouths. So fun to see them showing off their little tricks!

Mukuni Big 5 focuses on the conservation and rebreeding of endangered/vulnerable animals, so you don't have to feel guilty for these close up encounters. The elephants here are treated so well and love interacting with guests. I would recommend this experience to get up close and personal with some new big friends!

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