• Jessica Kunamalla


Mossman, Australia

Mossman Gorge was truly beautiful. I had never been around scenery like in the Daintree Rainforest. Everything was so extremely green!

We had a great half-day hiking through the gorge area, encountering crazy tree roots and massive boulders. It was a little chilly, but once you get hiking, it feels great. I would definitely say this is a hike that people of all ages can do. It's not very far or hard. Just a little loop around the area that took about 30 minutes or so, depending on how many stops.

We decided to take a picture on the boulders in the middle of the stream. Obviously I didn't want to get wet, so I decided to climb onto boulders in order to get there. All was good, until I had to get back! It was much easier to propel myself down than climb up. Plus the moss was much more slippery that I had anticipated so I ended up slipping. Luckily I was able to recover pretty quickly. Drew didn't have great luck when getting down to the boulders either. He went barefoot, and lost his footing on the way down, landing on his back. He was perfectly fine, but it could have been worse! So be careful when attempting to take a cute insta pic.

Also the water was MUCH deeper than it looks. Two girls went swimming and while I had thought the water was maybe 2-3 feet deep, she kept swimming lower and lower. It was probably closer to 8 feet deep. Definitely something else to consider if you plan on taking a dip!

Mossman Gorge was a fun little hike and a healthy way to explore more of Australia!

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