• Jessica Kunamalla


Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Hiking to Roque Nublo (or Cloud Rock) was definitely top on our list when visiting the Canary Islands. We read that it gives you the best view of all of Gran Canaria.

Since I was pregnant, we had our concerns, but heard that children and older people make it to the top. Since I'm pretty in shape, we decided to go for it, and I'm so glad we did!

The drive up was a bit scary. We drove up our rental car on some pretty narrow mountain-side roads. Definitely made the drive up a little longer since we had to be more cautious, so keep that in mind.

Once we got to the trailhead, there was no parking in the lot. We had to park roadside, which a lot of people were doing. It's pretty hard to miss the start of the trail because there was a lot of people there, both individuals and tour groups. We came at a great time in the morning around 10am. (When we were leaving there was even MORE people and some bad traffic jams of people trying to park/leave, so I definitely recommend going earlier.)

Once we got to the top, the rock was really amazing. Just absolutely huge. It was cool to look around near the rock, but I would recommend exploring a little further. The views from the other side of the rock were even more beautiful, so make sure to (safely) climb around the rocks to get to the really expansive, gorgeous views of the island!

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