• Jessica Kunamalla



After a long day of packing and cleaning up my apartment to prepare for an upcoming move, I decided to meet up with some friends. We ended up in River North for a friend of a friend's cousin's birthday party- a very random reason to go out.

I knew I needed to see Jess again.

After a couple hours of being there, my friends and I decided we were going to start making our way out. As we were closing out our bill, we came across Jess ordering a glass of water. When we began talking, she found out we graduated from Michigan State. MSU had just recently lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament, and the guys and I were still a little upset about it. Jess didn't hesitate to give us a hard time. We talked about basketball, laughed, and got to know each other better over the next couple of hours. As the evening wrapped up, I knew I needed to see Jess again. We exchanged phone numbers, and after a few busy weeks, we finally hung out again. We've been inseparable ever since!


It wasn't long after that when I realized he was the one for me.

One random Saturday, nothing was going on, so me and my friend decided to go out to River North. For some reason, I was very thirsty that night, so I kept ordering water. As I was waiting, I was talking to a few guys who went to Michigan State. This was right after their embarrassing loss to Middle Tennessee State, so I couldn't resist but make fun of them. I think that perked up Drew's ears a little. We ended up talking and having a great time. In the following weeks, we got to know each other even better. Drew even went on a hunt to find mozzarella sticks for me and live streamed my college graduation. It wasn't long after that when I realized he was the one for me.

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