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For a long time, I've felt that Jess would be my wife one day. After getting to know each other's families better and having discussions about our future plans, it became a matter of when, not if, I ask Jess to marry me. By late April I had decided I was ready to start making plans for the proposal. I spent weeks shopping for the perfect ring. After getting her father's blessing, it was time to start orchestrating the big day. I found the perfect location and came up with a plan.

The morning of, Jessica came over to hang out before we went over to "meet her friends". After basically singing and dancing the entire Broadway musical Aladdin we eventually made our way over to LondonHouse. The hostess escorted us to the area where we would "meet her friends". As we approached, it became apparent to Jess that something else was happening. I held her hand tightly, and walked her into the Cupola area. At that point, after saying a few words about how I felt about us and our future, I asked the question I've been wanting to ask for months, "Will you marry me?"

I asked the question I've been wanting to ask for months, "Will you marry me?"​

Shortly after she said YES, our friends and family joined to surprise Jess. We spent the rest of the day celebrating the greatest moment thus far in my life.


As I got to know Drew better, I very quickly realized that he was the man I wanted to share my life with. Once he and I had the talk about our future together, every day was filled with me probing him for hints. He gave in a few times, but I'm surprised how well he kept this huge secret from me. We spent the morning singing and dancing around his apartment to Aladdin the musical. The whole day, I had been teasing Drew about if today is the day. I said that our reenactment of the musical was so amazing that he can't propose today, asked if my dress would look good in the proposal photos, and claimed I can't wear midi rings because they wouldn't look good with my engagement ring. In actuality, I did not think it was the day. I thought I was just going to meet my friends. Little did I know the whole thing was a set up! ​

The whole day, I had been teasing Drew about if today is the day.

When we went to LondonHouse, the hostess unhooked a rope and we were led to a private area in the Cupola. Once I saw petals floating across the ground, I knew something else was going on. Drew led me into the most beautiful area, with a breathtaking view of the city. Of course, the whole time, I was in tears and completely shocked.

It was the happiest moment of my life when I saw him get down on one knee. He planned the most unforgettable day with our friends and family all there. It couldn't have been a more perfect day!

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