• Jessica Kunamalla


Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Marrakech, Morocco

We had such a great time learning how to make some traditional Moroccan dishes with La Maison Arabe.

They started off with the Moroccan mint tea, our newest obsession since visiting. After an explanation of spices and a tour of the communal bakery, we headed upstairs to begin cooking.

The set up was really clean and sleek. They had monitors at each station so we could follow along with "Dada," another word for a highly respectable chef. There were also a few helpers that helped keep your station clean and handed out new ingredients.

We started off with the chicken tagine dish. Cutting up all of the fresh ingredients and letting it simmer in the tagine, eventually adding in the chicken. We also made a traditional eggplant salad and tomato salad. Their "salad" isn't what American's are used to. It's more of dip to be eaten with fresh bread. And let me tell you, the bread Dada makes is amazing.

After cooking, we all sat down to eat our own creations. Everything was absolutely delicious (if I may say so myself)! I was obsessed with tagines the whole trip but didn't realize how easy the chicken dish was to prepare.

Overall, we had a great experience diving a little bit further into the Moroccan culture and trying our hand at their traditional dishes. The instructors were extremely friendly and spoke multiple languages. I would definitely recommend this experience for those who have the time!

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