• Jessica Kunamalla


When you're a bride going down the traditional route, you're going to need a handful of white dresses to get you through all the pre-wedding events. I had two bridal showers: one thrown by my fiance's step-mom and the other thrown by my mom and sister. Now, I don't love wearing the color white, but I did love the dresses I chose. They had hints of neutral skin-tone nudes under the white design, giving them both an elegant design.


1. Keep in mind the weather.

Mine was during the summer and VERY hot. I wanted something that would let a girl breath a bit.

2. Keep in mind the occasion.

There is a time and place to wear a clubby white dress, but this is an event you'll look back on for the rest of your life. Keep it classy and consider a midi or maxi dress. 

3. Don't rule out a great jumpsuit or suit.

Looking back I feel like it would have been really cool to ditch the dress for some chic pants and a blazer. 

4. Show your style.

White doesn't have to be boring. Look for embellishments that are "you" and details that you love. 

5. Pair it with a perfect heel.

Whether you go neutral like I did or opt for a pop of color, make sure you're comfortable in your shoes. There's nothing worse than barely being able to walk and enjoy your event!

Both dresses are from Missguided, and are currently not being sold, but I'm sure you can find a similar style online. Both pairs of shoes I wore are from Aldo and linked below.

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