• Jessica Kunamalla


For as long as I can remember, I've wanted my own puppy. We didn't grow up with any dogs, but all my cousins had pups that I would treat as my own. 

Once I graduated in May of 2016, I was on the hunt. I was constantly looking at shelters in Chicago, both online and in-person. I wanted a medium sized dog, almost like a mini german shepherd. 

It just so happened that a puppy store in Naperville, Dog Patch, was posting about new puppies they had received, available for adoption the same weekend I was in town in March of  2017. 

I wanted to go check them out, with not any serious intention of getting a puppy that day. I told my mom, "Don't be surprised when I come home with a pup!"

The dog I went in for was already  adopted. I was bummed, but decided to check out the other pup, named Tigger. He kind of looked like a Chihuahua from the cage, but once they brought him out to me, he was the smallest, cutest little pup I had ever seen.

Immediately I text our family group chat and called my mom. I told her, "I think I'm actually going to get a puppy!" Everyone was warning me of the responsibilities- saying I wouldn't be able to travel, he'll be alone when I'm at work, the financial responsibilities, etc. etc. etc. Luckily I had Drew with me, who was my boyfriend at the time. He got his first pup when he was in college and it hasn't stopped him from living his best life, so he reassured me that I could do this.

I had it on my heart to get this puppy, but knew my dad might kill me lol. He was flying in from Philadelphia and we were going to pick him up from the airport. I told Dog Patch that I just needed a few hours to decide, and they so graciously put Tigger on hold for me. 

We went to the airport to get my dad and told him we're taking him to the dog store. He didn't want to go but once we got there and I showed him my future pup, he couldn't stop smiling. I knew I had my dad's blessing and I was good to go. I was getting my first puppy!!

We got so much information from Dog Patch. They handled the process with ease and it wasn't crazy expensive! I didn't go back to get him until the next day (my mom didn't want him peeing and pooping all over her house), but when I did, that little pup was so excited to see me again!

Looking back, getting a pup was a calculated, yet spur of the moment decision. However, it is one of the best decisions of my life. Jordan is the most protective, loving pup. He loves snuggles, treats, and tug-of-war. Take a look back at the past two years with my baby.

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