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Looking back on my first trimester, comparing to what I've read and heard from other women...I had it easy! Not trying to brag at all, but I was totally bracing myself for the worst. I feel so blessed to really have not felt too different (besides having to eventually buy maternity jeans).

According to theMayo Clinic, below are common symptoms in the first trimester. I've also included my experience.

"Tender, swollen breasts."

My breasts did start to get larger and more tender. Nothing crazy, but I probably did gain an extra cup size during the first trimester.

"Nausea with or without vomiting."

I feel so lucky to say I did not vomit once! Although, I definitely had nausea. Usually in the mornings right when I woke up, if I didn't eat it would get worse. My trick was to have a cutie/clementine right away before getting ready for the day. This kept my stomach satisfied enough until breakfast. I also found anytime I had to rush to get ready, I would feel light-headed. So I had to make sure to give myself enough time to dress for work in the mornings.

"Increased urination."

I didn't find that I was visiting the restroom much more than I had previously.


I definitely felt fatigued after a long day of work. I found it hard to get off the couch once I sat down after work. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who wouldn't let me get up anyways lol always offering me water and cooking dinner for us. I didn't take too many naps to avoid messing up my sleep schedule, but even closing my eyes for a little while did help.

"Food aversions."

No food aversions or weird cravings here. The only aversion I had was to a cleaning spray that has this nasty lemon scent to it - not sure this is pregnancy related as all because I still hate it LOL. 


No heartburn here. I did have to make sure that I sat up straight when burping though LOL TMI?


No constipation either! I think a diet of high fiber and exercising really helped me. Staying active was hard but so worth it. I highly recommend it for multiple reasons.

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