• Jessica Kunamalla


I booked my hair and make up artist for the wedding through Bianca Sansosti Artistry. I am VERY specific about my make up. I actually was considering doing my make up myself, but decided against it. You know when you draw out your eyeliner wings and they're uneven? Yeah didn't want to have to worry about that on the morning of my wedding. I just wanted to relax, get my make up done, and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

Typically, I don't like to wear a ton of make up, especially foundation, so I wanted to make sure whoever I chose was able to achieve a flawless look without painting me. When I came across Bianca Sansosti Artistry, I saw the natural looks I was hoping to achieve. 

For hair, I wanted it down with a TON of volume- Cindy Crawford style. I thought it'd be great with my dress, but hard to make last all day. Again, while I think I'm really good with doing my own hair, I didn't want to have to worry about teasing it enough to hold the veil and what not.

I was set up with Lauren for make up and Hannah for hair. They were both great during the trial. I poured us all glasses of wine and it was like hanging out with friends! I actually specifically chose Lauren because I wanted someone who worked with darker skin tones, a skill I knew would make a difference. Both Lauren and Hannah took the time to adjust and realign to what I wanted and were so prepped for the day of the wedding.

Overall I was super happy with my hair and make up. Were there some small things I would have adjusted or done differently? Sure, but given the temperature and wind, my look held up the entire night. Almost all my bridesmaids had their hair and make up done by other girls on Bianca's team and they loved their look too! I would highly recommend Bianca Sansosti Artistry!

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