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After starting out our honeymoon relaxing in tropical Bora Bora, we were ready to hit the ground running with excursions and adventure in New Zealand. Check out our short trip and all the details below!


STAY: Regent of Rotorua

The Regent was a great place to stay for what we needed. We were only in New Zealand for two nights, so it was a great central location for our activities. Not to mention, we love the boutique hotels as of late. 

ACTIVITIES: Ziplining, Skyline Luge, Zorb, Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland & Lady Knox Geyser, Tamaki Maori Village

The first thing to do in Rotorua is get over the smell. I didn't really think it was too bad, but some people describe it as rotten eggs. On our first day we headed over to a nearby spa with hot springs. Some of the temps I thought I could handle but were way too hot! Overall really relaxing! We also went on the Skyline Luge. It was like a real life version of Mario Kart! Super fun, but really hard to record and steer at the same time. So definitely use both hands! ​The next day we went to the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. This was really awesome to see. I had never seen hot springs before and these ones were massive. Especially when the wind catches the steam just right, it looks like something out of The Vampire Diaries. Also the fact that all these colors were naturally occurring was pretty cool. We then stopped by Lady Knox Geyser in the same park to await her explosion. There was definitely a lot of people there, so go a little early to catch a good seat. The guide puts chunks of material into the geyser to get her going. Think Pepto-bismal in Coke. At night we went to a Maori Village for dinner. This was a pretty amazing experience. I had never really thought too much into the native culture of New Zealand. This village walk through was informative and really fun! On the way to the village, the driver asked us who our chief was, so I volunteered Drew. I didn't think too much of it, but he had a decent amount of responsibility through the night! He had to give the Tamaki chief a peace offering, along with a few other chiefs from other buses. I think it was actually a real ritual because we were all told not to laugh or smile during the whole process. Then wandering through the village, we learned more about the games, houses, wardrobe, the Haka, and the food. The food was cooked underground through the geothermal heat - how cool! It also tasted delicious! I would highly recommend visiting a Maori village and soaking in the culture. Great for all ages!


ACTIVITIES: Glow Worm Caves

The glow worm caves were a really cool experience. I had never heard of rafting in a cave, but I was willing to try it. If you can handle the cold, I would definitely recommend this excursion.


ACTIVITIES: Orbit 360° Restaurant

This was the perfect way to seal our New Zealand leg of the trip. A romantic meal overlooking Auckland. It was a great way to unwind and relax before heading to Australia!

New Zealand was such a fun trip. Although we were only there for three days and didn't get to explore the coveted southern half of the island, we still made the most of the trip - got to learn about the culture and get a taste for adventure. If you have time to stop by, I would really recommend it! Next stop - Australia!

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