• Jessica Kunamalla


Our "babymoon" was the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

The top places to visit in January were Australia and New Zealand, but we had just gone there a few months prior for our honeymoon. Almost all of the southern hemisphere (besides Chile) was covered in zika. Most of the northern hemisphere was experiencing their cold winters. Luckily we came across the option of doing Canary Islands, Morocco, and Portugal. While we were able to bask in the sun, it was still chilly sometimes in each of the three countries.

Obviously I couldn't do anything too crazy, being pregnant, but we made the most of trip. We were able to hit the beach and hiking trails in the Canary Islands. In Morocco we experienced a rich culture, getting to cook food, ride a camel, and go on a hot air balloon ride. In Portugal we saw some amazing architecture and a city full of so much history. I would highly recommend doing this trip for avid travelers who don't want to let having a baby slow them down too much. The trip was already so perfect, but I can only imagine how much more amazing these locations would have been in the spring/summer. ​

Click below for a breakdown of each location- 




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