• Jessica Kunamalla


Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Port Douglas, Australia

Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef is something I've always wanted to do. We were so excited so spend a day at sea with Silver Series. In early August, it wasn't super hot out, but we grateful for any amount of sun. The ride out was stunning, as you can imagine. Once we got closer to the first site, we were given the run down about the different locations and rules, as well as fitted for fins and a wet suit.

Since our GoPro stopped working, we decided to rent a camera on board. The pictures weren't the most amazing quality, but they did the trick. We were hoping to see some blue whales, as the guides said their season had just begun. All we saw for the most part were fish living near the coral and the coral itself. It wasn't the most thrilling, but for some reason, this was the most scared I had been (including cage diving with great whites and snorkeling with lemon sharks)! I think it was because the water was so deep and so vast. Plus the water was pretty cold - to me at least. The sun did a decent job warming us up in between sites.

Lunch was served at the third site, along with tea and coffee. We posted up on front of the boat and soaked in the sun. Overall, a very cool experience. It would have been amazing to see the reef in it's prime, but we still felt so lucky to be able to see this epic life form.

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