• Jessica Kunamalla


Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Livingstone, Zambia

Our first glimpse of Devil's Pool was when we were on the opposite side of Victoria Falls. We could see people inching towards the edge of the waterfall and from our angle it looked INSANE. So cool and thrilling, it made us even more excited for our excursion the next day.

When we arrived at the Royal Livingstone for the excursion with Tongabezi we had to fill out some paperwork and were given instructions. They took us in groups of two. We loaded onto a boat and were on our way!

It was a short boat ride, and on the way we saw some hippos, which we didn't see on our trip yet. That part was both scary (from how strong you hear hippos are) and very cool. Once we got near the site, there was a tent we could place bags and other items we wanted to leave behind. We walked over some rocky areas to get closer to the falls. Approaching it was beautiful, you could see the mist and rainbows forming. Definitely picture worthy spots. Then we were instructed to get swimming! There was a rope, which we read can be used for children and the elderly, but we were told not to touch it. We just swam along the right side of it in a curved pattern so the current won't sweep you away. I would definitely recommend water shoes. Some areas were a bit rocky and the depth of the water changes. Drew scraped his leg and chest over some rocky areas while swimming, so be careful. The good thing is that it's not a long swim, so you don't have to be a strong swimmer.

After you reach another rocky area, you get out of the water and wait your turn to go in the pool! They had everyone lined up, with people on deck so it was very efficient. The current definitely feels stronger when you go in the pool, but never so much that you feel like you're going to fall over the edge. There's also a guide that sits with you, probably to make sure no one does anything stupid. He's third-wheeling in all our pics, but its all good! One of the guides took our phones before getting in, which I was bummed about at first. I had a waterproof case and wanted to take pictures/videos. Turns out, he's a great videographer who captured us in both video and pictures swimming up to the edge and hanging out in the pool for around 10 minutes until it was the next group's turn. I was able to take my GoPro and get some cool videos over the edge of the falls. Be careful not to drop anything in Devil's Pool though. Another couple dropped their GoPro attached to a long stick and they couldn't find it for a while. The current in the pool didn't make it easy to see anything, but luckily they got it back! We went during the dry season, so I can only imagine what it'd be like in wet season. I would definitely recommend going to Devil's Pool for traveler's who want to live in the edge a little (see what I did there). It truly looks really wild for bystanders and in the pics/videos, but I never felt unsafe or uneasy about being near the edge of one the world's largest waterfalls. Definitely an experience we'll never forget!

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