• Jessica Kunamalla


Our ceremony at Fourth Presbyterian Church was absolutely gorgeous. We knew we wanted to get married in a Church. The church we are members at, along with other contemporary churches in the city, aren't located in old fashioned cathedrals anymore. We wanted to really feel like we were in a church. 

Out of the handful of churches we looked into, Fourth Presbyterian was the least strict and most accommodating. Kathy made all the rules and timelines really clearly laid out for us. For example, a lot of other churches required the organist to play all music, which we didn't want. We ended up hiring a string quartet to play all of our wedding music. It was great working with Kathy preparing for the wedding, on the rehearsal day, and the actual day of the wedding. If you have a wedding planner, keep in mind that Fourth Presbyterian doesn't allow for the planner to coordinate any efforts on the day of the wedding. That's what Kathy is for!

We did butt heads with the church music director a little. We wanted just the intro of two songs to play for the entrances by the quartet. Even though they were very unknown songs (composed by YouTubers), we were still denied that request. The music couldn't even be contemporary Christian songs, so we were left to choose between hymns or  classical songs. It honestly wasn't that big of a deal, but when you imagine yourself walking down the aisle to a certain song for so long, it's a bit disappointing.

Working with Annette was a treat preparing the actual ceremony. There is a general order, but you can pick and choose between the type of feel you want - modern vs traditional. She was so sweet and did a great job with the message during the ceremony.

The whole ceremony was probably about 30 minutes, which I felt was the perfect amount of time. You don't want people to start to drift off. The ceremony should be engaging and interesting.

The best part is that we didn't have to spend any extra money on ceremony decorations because the church was so gorgeous by itself. Keep in mind the time of year though, because they do not remove banners or other decorations if they are up. We didn't encounter any of that in July, but I could imagine running into that for a winter wedding near Christmas.

While we went to a separate location for more pictures, we honestly didn't have to. The courtyard of the church is so pretty with great details and ivy crawling up the walls. I would have been perfectly happy with the amazing pictures we got below. 

Photos taken by Soda Fountain Photography.

If you have any questions about our ceremony, please reach out!

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