• Jessica Kunamalla


I'm a pretty decisive person. So I had essentially already chosen my wedding dress via Pinterest. I rounded up my bridal party and we went to Viero Bridal in Chicago, where they carried the Milla Nova dresses I was looking for. 

Is it the dress you're looking at me wearing on the right? Nope. I went a completely different direction, thanks to the woman helping us at Viero Bridal. I loved the idea of a long train, but wanted something that showed off my figure, as well. I passed right by this gorgeous gown, but luckily the attendant pulled it for me to try on. It ended up being my dress!

These are the two dresses I originally went to Viero Bridal for-

They fit great, but weren't the jaw dropping types of looks I was going for. Once I tried on the dress the attendant chose, I was amazed. I didn't think I'd love it so much! It had a chic off the shoulder look that was timeless and classy. It hugged my waist just right and stretched into a long stunning train. I could definitely see myself in this dress and everyone else agreed. It was such an easy decision. I had chosen my dress in less than 45 minutes! 

Here is the final look on my wedding day!

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