• Jessica Kunamalla


Agra, India

Seeing the Taj Mahal is obviously top on the list when going to India. We carved out a few hours to stop by in Agra during a road trip. From afar it's a stunning structure, but getting up close and going inside, is when you truly understand why it is one of the seven wonders of the world.

We hired a tour guide to walk us through. He took us from our car in taxis to the ticket site, where we purchased our own tickets. Entering the main gate area, he explained pieces of the detailed, hand-made architecture. I could personally do the trip again without the tour guide. He didn't add that much value to the visit. Upon entry, it was extremely crowded. Tourists and selfie sticks everywhere (not sure how influencers get photos with no one else in the background). We had great weather, as we heard sometimes where its foggy the Taj Mahal can be hard to see and might sometimes appear yellow.

Approaching the building, we had to put covers over our shoes to protect the floors. We were able to enter the building and basically a single file line that wrapped around the center. No pictures or videos were allowed inside the Taj Mahal. After exiting and taking more pictures, our tour guide led us to a place that makes marble plates and such. It was basically a plug to buy souvenirs. We wasted at least 45 minutes there, so I would recommend saying no or just not getting a tour guide. A visit to the Taj Mahal is worth it, despite the weather or amount of people. It was definitely astonishing to see and so cool to be able to check it off our list!

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