• Jessica Kunamalla


We couldn't be more excited to welcome our first child together! We're embracing this blessing and personally, I can't wait to take on this journey. I've been playing "mom" since I was a little kid, holding baby dolls and breastfeeding watching my mom, or crying in bed thinking about how much I'm going to love my kids. Yeah...I'm weird! You can only imagine how amazing it was to find out this moment is finally here. 


I actually had a feeling I could be pregnant a few days into our honeymoon. It was too early to take a test, so I waited to take a test about 10 days into the trip in New Zealand. We went and bout test strips and waited...to get a negative test. We both breathed a slight sigh of relief. However, upon coming home, I was a day or so late, so I wanted to take another test. Keep in mind, this is the day after we got home from our honeymoon at 11pm. Crazy enough, the stick read pregnant! We were in total shock! Needing confirmation, we headed to Walgreens to get more pregnancy tests. I took another one and it literally spelled out "PREGNANT!"  I looked at Drew and could tell he was excited but still processing. I was still processing! "Twenty-four and pregnant?!" I thought. I was still trying to process that fact that we were married, let alone now finding out we were pregnant. No other words to describe the moment, besides total shock! There was laughing, disbelief, tears, and hugs.  We cannot wait to meet this little surprise!

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